Are you a road tripper who want nothing but the best off-road adventure?

Then you need to ensure you have a complete set of 4×4 quality products and accessories. This will not only help you delay your travel but it will also guarantee no unwanted event will happen while you’re drive even on the roughest off-road adventure.

Thus, we have listed ten basic 4×4 accessories that you cannot live without to have a more enjoyable and comfortable ride. Check it out.

12V Fridge

Who wouldn’t love to have a cold drink after taking the most challenging off-road adventure?

Make this small portable refrigerator your best friend while away from civilization. A 12v fridge will definitely save the day after a long drive.


Accidental collision may happen while driving, whether with a large animal or another vehicle.

This makes the perfect gateway accessory on track to a well-sorted 4×4. It is installed on the front of a vehicle that protects its front from collisions.


When the going gets tough, you need to have a good set of tyres.

Invest on tyres to allow your 4×4 perform to its maximum both on and off road. Send us a message.

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Help yourself from spending so much of your time rooting around in the back looking for something.

Get organised when you go on a trip with drawers. This will allow you to keep things compartmentalised and easy to find.

Roof Rack

There isn’t enough space for everything in the car.

Roof racks allow you to pack bigger and bulkier things and free up valuable space in the rig. But remember to be smart on where you pack things as it will compromise your vehicle’s centre of gravity.

Air Compressor

The compressor is really a must have when running off road.

Have confidence deflating your tyre and pump it back whenever needed with an air compressor to aid you. This is most helpful in reseating a bead on a tyre and blowing dust away from sensitive components.

Driving Lights

4×4 adventure means driving day and night on the road.

Driving lights is a must have when 4x4ing since it reduces strain on the eyes. And spot possible dangers earlier especially at night.

Have a good set of driving lights so you can go a long way. Check some of the driving lights we have on sale.


Never leave without shovel.

This may look a simple tool but helps in so many ways,

  • De-booging the 4×4
  • A remote area toilet stops
  • Digging a fire pit
  • Spreading the coals around your camp oven


Are you searching for locale information?

Bringing a smartphone is one of the smartest things to do when driving off road. This small gadget is of help whenever you need information of a particular place or object, or maybe contacting someone. Moreover, a smartphone lets you capture and take good shots.


It is important to know what’s under your 4×4 and how it is performing.

In terms of 4×4’s performance, nothing is more important than having a good and reliable suspension setup.

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Start your 4×4 adventure right by having these 4×4 basic accessories. Always come prepared and have the confidence in driving one of the most challenging off roads in Australia.

If you can’t find a reliable suspension and accessories supplier? Send us a message. We’ve got the right advice for you.