Legendex Exhaust for Toowoomba and Lockyer Valley

There are many reasons why 4WD enthusiasts enjoy adding Legendex Exhausts to their vehicles. However, these seven reasons stands-out from among the list.


1. Considered as the Toughest

There may be other exhausts in Toowoomba and Lockyer Valley, but Legendex is hailed as the toughest in the industry. This helps you avoid the shame of having to travel long journeys with choking fumes, excessive noise and big loss of power. That would simply be a nightmare!


Oh! Did we mention that Legendex can withstand the constant vibrations due to unsealed corrugations and back their product with an unprecedented 10 year warranty?

Legendex offers you:

● 30% thicker dump pipes compared to the competition
● 409 grade stainless mandrel-bent tube sourced from the same mill supplier of Toyota
● 800 degree thermal coating
● Heavy duty diesel cats and stainless mufflers
● Ceramic coated and hand-crafted dump pipes


With this kind of build, will you need to ever look for another exhaust for your 4×4 in Toowoomba and Lockyer Valley?


2. Reduced Engine Temperature

With 4×4 vehicles travelling long miles, it is important to keep your engines cool. Legendex exhausts, can help reduce exhaust temperatures providing less stress on your engine. Legendex exhausts improve exhaust gas flow thus allowing hot exhaust gas to easily escape. This makes your engine work less and keep engine temperatures lower.


3. Has the Australia’s Off-Road Warranty

Many of the exhausts sold in Toowoomba and the Lockyer Valley don’t even come close to the Legendex warranty, particularly when you’re driving off road. However, with Legendex you can rest assured with a quality market leading warranty.


4. Greater power gain resulting to improved towing and fuel economy.

Legendex guarantees up to a 10% power gain in the rev range when you are in need of extra performance for off roading, beach driving of towing. It also produces less turbo lag and creates more responsive power. All of this delivering you improvements in drivability and fuel economy


5. Easily fits thanks to its bolt-on fit guarantee

Avoid those extra costs due to chassis and pan welding. Legendex helps you save big dollars in professional fitting because it can easily fit into your vehicle utilizing existing mounting points.

So what are you waiting for? If you are in Toowoomba or the Lockyer Valley Upgrade your 4×4 with a Legendex Exhaust. Send us a message.